Welcome to The Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir Website!

The future of Walton County, Oconee County and northeast Georgia is growing brighter every day, and the Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir Project is a shining example of the leadership and vision required to accommodate the current and future water supply needs of a growing population while maintaining our current quality of life. In the wake of the worst drought in Georgia history, Walton and Oconee County have formed a critical regional partnership to provide for the water supply needs of their existing and future residents, as well as adjacent communities. 

Upon completion, the Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir will have a pool area of 1,367 acres, a storage volume of 12 billion gallons, and provide a peak day water supply capacity of 62 million gallons per day.  The Reservoir is critical to meeting future water supply needs, but will also provide recreational and other benefits for local residents.

We welcome your visit, and hope that the project information and resources provided on this site are both helpful and informative.



The next HLC Recreation Committee Meeting

 has been not been scheduled at this time.



The next Hard Labor Creek Reservoir Management Board Meeting

 is scheduled for Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014,

at the Hard Labor Reservoir Site.

 Time and location to be posted prior to meeting.